CaptainEaro has a New Look!

I updated the website and added some new ears! I really wanted to change the website and overall update everything. I tend to put things like this on the back burner because I get so busy with school. I now have more time to work on the shop and get back on top of things! SO, here are some updates for the shop!

  • For this semester, it was really hard for me to do school and the shop at the same time, so I decided to only be open on the weekend. Now that half of my classes ended I now have so much more time on my hands. So now the shop is back to being open 24/7!
  • We got so much new stuff in! Imagination Ears, Jungle Ears, Futureland Ear, Immortals Ears, and Red Panda Crown is now available! 

And I think that’s it! I am really excited for this new era of CaptainEaro and ready to grow as a shop. I like to look back on the past 4 years of this shop and see how much I’ve grown. I started CaptainEaro my senior year of high school and now I’m in my second to last semester in my undergrad. Wow time has really flown by. 

As always if you have any design suggestions let me know! I love to hear from you guys.

-Captain Earo (Kai)

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