February Overview

I just realized I never did a February overview, whoops!

I just got back from my Disneyland Trip and it was amazing! We had so much fun and got to wear the PJO ears to the parks (finally). I also teased a lot of new designs on my Instagram so lucky you if you saw some. 

There isn’t much to update so here we go..

-Season 2 of PJO was announced! Not an ear announcement but I’m so excited for more episodes. Titan’s Curse is my favorite book so hopefully they do the entire series. If you want more PJO products let me know!

-2/16-2/18 Year of the Dragon ears will be available for the last time. Both the full set and Just the Ears will be 30% off. I actually saw someone with them when I was at the park which was so cool! Thank you for all the love for this design. Can’t wait to design next year’s.

-2/25 is the last day to get the following ears: Rock Spider, First Avenger, WestView Witch Crown, and Goddess of Death. These will not be returning! So if you were thinking about grabbing a pair now is the time. 

March! New designs coming in so be ready for those! As always if there is anything you want to see contact me! I’m always open to suggestions. 

-Captain Earo 


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