About Me!

Welcome to Captain Earo! 

I've been going to the parks my entire life and decided to make my dream of making ears into a reality. I've been collecting ears for over 10 years and one day I decided to start making my own. It was a tough start at first, trying so many different styles from fabric to wire to finally 3D printing. It was definitely a bold choice but I'm so glad I did it. The world of 3D printing can be very scary but the help I've gotten from the community and fellow 3D ear businesses has been amazing. 

At first I was scared to start my shop. I was afraid that it was going to fail and it would have been a terrible decision. It took a while before I finally had the confidence to finally start my shop, but what was I going to call it? I wanted something that really suited me that really felt like MY business. Then my sister came up with the idea of Captain Earo! What's the meaning behind it? There's a retired attraction that was at Disneyland right under Space Mountain called Captain EO. It was a short film starring Michael Jackson and it was my favorite thing on this planet. I would beg my mom to let us go see it every time we went to the parks. It was perfect!

At first, business was slow. It was really hard for my product to get out there, however one pair of ears change my entire life. I decided to post a TikTok with my Mischief Ears talking to Thor at Disneyland. The video blew up! I was getting so many orders I could hardly keep up. 

I opened Captain Earo when I was a senior in high school, now I’m in my second to last semester in my undergrad! It’s crazy how much time has passed and how much I have grown as a person/shop. I had to close my shop for a year due to me attending college, but now I’m back better than ever! Doing this again helps me out so much and I have so much fun. I’ve even started to make t-shirts, stickers, and even earrings!  I love seeing the photos people send of them wearing my ears in the parks! Thank you so much for supporting me! Be on the lookout for some amazing new stuff!