Here are some Frequently Asked Questions!

Custom and personalized orders
Message me here or on Instagram if you would like a custom. As of now customs are OPEN. As of September 1st.

How long does it take to make?
I am a college student and work full time, please be patient. Please order a couple weeks before your trip to be sure everything arrives on time.

Names in packaging
Every order includes a thank you note. If you want the name changed for any reason please leave a note. If you don’t want a name included at all that’s fine too!

My package hasn’t arrived yet?
Please wait a couple days after the arrival date to contact me. If it says I haven’t shipped it out yet, I’m probably busy with school work so please be patient

Something is wrong with my order
Please message me with what is wrong with your order and a video/photo as evidence. If you do not provide evidence that something is wrong with your order I will not send a replacement.